About Us

Adrienne and her husband, Chris have been serving together in ministry since before they were married.

They've been together for over 20 years. They have four amazing sons: Dallas (18), Jackson (16), Tyler (13), and Brock (9).

They served as youth pastors in San Antonio, Texas, and in San Jose, California.

In 2006, they felt called to Austin, Texas to begin a new work in the city.

They moved to Austin without a job or money and didn’t know anyone.

Within a month of arriving, began opening up their home to study God’s Word and worship with a few other people.

They pastored a church plant for 11 years and now are focusing on the new avenues God is leading them down.

Chris continues to be available to preach and Adrienne to lead worship whenever called to.

Adrienne has been singing since she was very small and leading worship for over 20 years.

The songs that she sings come from an overflow of the Holy Spirit and she desires that God use them to touch those who are hurting and hopeless and need the healing and encouragement only God can give.